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WELCOME - I am a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist 
We have all experienced loss of some kind in our life. In fact there are over 40 different types of losses, including tangible loss such as death of a loved one, divorce, pet, and intangible losses such as redundancy, loss of trust, faith, childhood, moving house and so on.

Grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss of any kind and yet we have been ill prepared to deal with it. – we are taught more about first aid then we are about grief and loss.

Grief is the conflicting feelings caused by the end of or change in a familiar pattern of behaviour.

Although grief is the normal reaction to loss, the vast majority of what we have learnt about how dealing with loss is not natural and is not helpful.

Unresolved grief is almost always about the things we wished we had done or said
differently, better or more. As Certified Grief Recovery Specialist along with the program, will show you how to discover and communicate those unsaid things, so that they no longer limit your capacity for happiness.

Unresolved grief is about undelivered hopes, dreams and expectations of an emotional nature. It is the goal of the program to discover and complete what was left emotionally incomplete for you by a death, a divorce or any other loss.


The goal of the grief recovery method is to help you complete your relationship to the pain, isolation and loneliness caused by significant emotional loss. While death and divorce may seem to be the most obvious losses, the program is designed to work with the other 40 different losses which produce feelings of grief.

The program consists of 7 one-to-one sessions that leads to the completion of all the undelivered communication. It is different from intellectual discovery as it works with the heart, not the head. It will provide you with the tools to deal with loss and requires a commitment for the full number of sessions as the process is sequential.

The first step is yours by taking a decision to move from Grief to Recovery and move to a place where life has a new meaning, where your memories are intact and you are free to move forward.  

Recovery from loss does not mean that memories are forgotten, they are with you for always. It is the pain of the loss that you say goodbye to.

“The program helped enormously”!

“I would recommend
it wholeheartedly”

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Grief Recovery Method


Featured Testimonial

“The grief recovery program
has transformed me”!

I carried sadness and grief since I was a very young child following the divorce of my parents. I used to say that I suffered with depression and each time a relationship broke down or a change in my job happened I would usually suffer an episode of depression. I just learned to live with it, I almost felt embarrassed that I could not fathom why it hit me so hard. After all, no one had died! I knew intellectually that I had suffered a loss but 33 years have gone by and no amount of therapy or counselling had really filled the hole in my soul. Life has felt sort of empty, like I'm living on the outside. 

“I felt the emotions pour out
and I felt released”

The grief recovery program has transformed me. Honestly, as soon as I read the book it made so much sense and taking the steps felt scary but as soon as I did the tasks I felt the emotions pour out and I felt released. It’s like that deep pain that I felt when I talked about the difficult times has lifted, it’s just better! I can’t believe it. I can talk about it without it filling me with tears. 

“it is such a relief to feel better”

If you are struggling with bereavement or loss and you don't know where to turn, chances are this will help, we all suffer loss and it all builds up through our lives. Career loss, divorce, beloved pet dies. This program is so uncomplicated and it is such a relief to feel better. Thank you Dulcie, you are the warmest most genuine lady I have ever worked with and I thank you from the bottom of my now much warmer heart!   Just do it!!!                              

Mrs J

“I can finally, after all those years
let go of the pain and start living again”!

When I first came to Dulcie I had many incomplete relationships weighing me down and preventing me from living a full life. I had so much pain and sadness in me that I had just accepted would have to stay with me for the rest of my life. With Dulcie’s patience, extensive knowledge and experience with Grief Management she showed me how I can finally, after all those years let go of the pain and start living again.

Forever grateful to you Dulcie

Thank you so much

Miss A                                                                                                                                                 Miss A

“The program helped enormously”!

“I would recommend it wholeheartedly”.

I recently completed the Grief Recovery Program during which we addressed a number of losses in my life.  We concentrated mainly on the death of my partner which I was struggling with.   The program helped enormously with putting it into perspective and helping me to complete on the pain that I was still feeling.

“It helped to clear the fog in my brain”!

It helped to clear the fog in my brain. I had begun to wonder whether I was grieving correctly. I am now at peace with the loss, finding a place in my life to carry the love but release the pain.  Equally importantly it has given me the tools for engaging with others who have suffered loss.  I would recommend it wholeheartedly.

                                                                                                  Miss S

“I absolutely cannot recommend it highly enough”!

I went to see Dulcie to sort my head out, I don’t suffer from anxiety or anything, but I knew something wasn’t quite right emotionally / psychologically and being a pro-active person looked for someone to help me figure it out. Dulcie was recommended to me by a friend for whom she worked miracles.

I had a couple of coaching sessions with Dulcie and the focus was on my values and what makes me me. It helped put me in the right headspace to know that I needed to make a break from my relationship.

After the split I saw Dulcie again and she suggested the "Grief and Loss Recovery Program". I absolutely cannot recommend it highly enough. It is essentially an educational program and as you work through the first 3 sessions you have realisation after realisation - there is nothing complicated being shared or discussed, but like many things, the obvious and ‘of course’ only become apparent after they have been highlighted.

After the education sessions comes the tougher stuff. You work through your life reviewing the losses that you have faced - small and large. It isn’t a navel gazing and ‘oh poor me’, it is about acknowledgement and awareness and about not bottling up those moments that have legitimately and rightly had an impact upon you.

The final part of the program is choosing a loss to ‘complete’ on. This is so powerful and incredibly hard to articulate. Basically whatever loss you are working through (for me it was loss and grief associated with the end of a relationship) you look at in detail and identify all the things that you never got to say or do. Things you wish you had done, things you are sorry for, things that need to be forgiven and all the emotions associated with the relationship.

“I don’t have to forget him or hide my memories”

Although I chose to call time on my relationship, I was still missing my ex-partner an incredible amount and was desperately sad that things hadn’t worked out - I really did think he was my happy ever after. I was a mess. The program helped me to accept the here and now. I don’t have to forget him or hide my memories. It is about pausing and saying a healthy goodbye to what has ended, whilst retaining all the amazing memories and acknowledging how much I loved him.

One of the things that no loss should be belittled. The loss of a relationship or marriage is as relevant as the death of a loved one, the program is designed to work on losses of all scales and magnitudes. I really believe that anyone who has suffered a loss will benefit from this program.

My Mum has a chronic illness and I know at some point I am going to lose her and it will be absolute hell. I will not hesitate to call Dulcie when this happens as I know that working through the loss of my Mum on the GRM program will enable me to function when my world has ended.


                                                                                                                                                                              Miss H

“looking forward to what the future may hold”

After hitting a particularity low spot in my personal life early 2018, Dulcie came highly recommended to me by a couple of friends and six months later my perspective on pretty much every aspect of my life has been turned on its head.  

“Lacking confidence in my capabilities”
Lacking confidence in my capabilities at work, blaming myself for failed relationships and struggling with past personal losses; with Dulcie's thought provoking coaching and structured GRM I now have a very different and positive outlook on life and a confidence to embark on future relationships.  

Friends and colleagues have remarked on a very noticeable change in my approach and confidence towards both work and my personal life.  Without Dulcie's help, repetition of behaviour and self doubt would still be a part of my everyday life and I wouldn't be looking forward to what the future may hold.                                                                                                                                  

Miss W

“feeling inspired and comforted”!

I was recommended Dulcie by a friend, having recently lost my husband. She has made a significant difference to my life. I completely trust her. She has proved invaluable in helping me to understand, to accept myself and the relationship I have lost; giving me confidence in my future.

The GRM course was worth every penny. Dulcie gave me clear, logical and effective advice. Her tips and strategies were delivered in a comfy, safe manner with humour and empathy.

I have learnt a lot, feeling inspired and comforted. It has all been filed away. I am in a better place, feel less pain and lots to be grateful for.

With Dulcie’s help and her guidance through the program she uses, she has enabled me to begin my journey to recovery and I truly appreciate that.     

                                                                                                                                                                             Mrs S

“I would thoroughly recommend it”

When grief recovery was first suggested to me I did not know what to expect and was at first a little sceptical. Now that I have been through the process both for the death of a close relative, for the illness of another and for a recent divorce I would thoroughly recommend it.

Dulcie conducts these sessions with professionalism, and absolute discretion, in a safe and friendly environment.

It is a journey that helps you to say not goodbye to the loved one but allows you to say things that should or might have been said when they were alive. This is an emotional journey but well worth the effort. It allows you to move on with your life and leaves the fond memories of the deceased and allows closure on any memories which are painful.

I also found it to be a journey of self-awareness and discovery. It allows you to understand why a relationship broke down so that you can start any new relationship with the insight of where things went wrong rather than holding on to all the negative aspects, or repeating the same pattern of behaviour.

In my case it became very clear that lack of effective communication had been a barrier for most of my life. This insight will allow me to move on and start to build a different and better life and hopefully meet a new partner, without holding on to resentment and bitterness. To remember the things which were good in all the relationships, and let go of the things which were not good.

                                                                                                                                                                              Mrs C

Helping hearts to heal

As a Grief  Recovery Specialist I am with you all the way as a  heart with ears because grievers need to be heard.

Available in Groups or 1-1 sessions